Legal Services

Getting older presents some challenges that require the help of an attorney. Almost everyone, no matter how small their income, has an estate of some value at their passing, of either monetary or sentimental value. Without a will or trust, your assets pass to probate, and a civil court makes decisions, at a cost, about the disposition of your belongings and assets in the absence of your direction. As we get older, our cognitive ability to understand complex issues such as health benefits, life insurance and service contracts may decline. A loved one you trust will need power of attorney to transact in your behalf in the event you become incapacitated. The cost of long term care requires many to apply for Medicaid benefits. Many are caught off guard by Medicaid spend-down requirements for assets like homes and life insurance policies. All the above are circumstances best planned for well in advance with the help of an attorney. Most Senior Centers have counselors who can answer general questions and many organize volunteer service from local attorneys who will help in the preparation of simple documents that organize your affairs at no charge to you.